Which type of road bike is for you? 

Aero Race Bike



Aerodynamic bikes are designed with one priority in mind – to reduce air & wind resistance. This means they require less power output from the rider, allowing them to go as fast as possible. With the advance in materials, the latest aero bikes can offer more comfort than their predecessors. Carbon Fibre is the material of choice for aero bikes as it flexes, providing a softer ride. It is also even lighter than aluminium. These bicycles feature cutting edge design & technology, so the chances are the only thing left causing drag will be the rider! Why not treat yourself to a new aero road bike today & strap on your tear drop helmet?

Road Race Bike




A road race bike is built for acceleration, handling & top speed. These high-end bikes are often made using lightweight materials such as carbon fibre. Road race bikes often utilise lightweight & efficient groupsets such as shimano ultegra or dura ace. Riders who are racing will almost certainly ensure they have the lightest bicycle possible, so they can cover a range of terrain efficiently. The lighter the bike, the easier it is for the rider to accelerate uphill. Road race bikes often use the latest technology such as electronic gear shifting to provide competitive advantage. Frames are also aerodynamic to reduce wind resistance for the rider.

Sportive Bike




A sportive bicycle is designed for both efficiency and comfort, allowing it to be used in Cyclosportive or Gran Fondo events. These mass participation cycling events have pre-planned routes with optional comfort breaks incorporated. Most provide cyclists with the option to take a 50, 75 or 100 mile route. Cyclosportive/Gran Fondo events are not typically races, meaning sportive bikes are not built for acceleration or speed. Sportive bikes are also good to use for commuting long distance due to their versatility and comfort.